About Us

Who are we?

Asia Financial Services Provider Association is established to promote accountability, transparency and efficiency as we seek to raise industry standards in the global financial landscape. Starting from Asia, we aim to enhance industry practices and consumers’ confidence in the financial services sector by providing various platforms for practitioners to interact and exchange best practices, building the industry we believe in the way we envision it to be.

Our Roles

  • Collaborative Refinement of Industry Standards
    We partner with industry experts to establish the industry’s code of conduct and guidelines that are in line with the International Best Practices.
  • Growth and Relationship Building
    We promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between members. We help build new relationships and identify growth opportunities for and among members.
  • Strengthening Trust Within the Finance Industry
    Business intelligence for our members and partners will help enhance their standing in the industry. Our Resource Centre takes business intelligence to new heights by harmonising data to synergise business plans and operations among members.
  • Communicating Economic Efficiency
    We provide an effective channel for communication on economic development and trade opportunities globally, with a strong focus on South East Asia.
  • Connecting Entities
    Diversity is our strength. With more than 28 different entities, all with different expertise but all with the same goal – to raise the standards and set the bar for the Asia financial industry. We know we can achieve this because we have the opportunities to connect, to exchange ideas, to grow and develop, allowing us unprecedented success.